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The Worker Education Program (WEP) is a non-profit education program funded by the Massachusetts Department of Education. Formed in 1986, the Worker Education Program (WEP) offers free Adult Education classes to help service workers enhance their basic skills and achieve their career goals. Classes are offered on-site at area nursing homes, hospitals, health care centers, and other facilities.

WEP Director

Esther D. Leonelli, the WEP director, is an adult education practitioner with more than twenty years experience in adult education. Before joining WEP, she taught pre-college math and science in the TechSMART program at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston.

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Esther D. Leonelli WEP Director eleonelli@workereducationprogram.org
Kathleen O'Connell Coordinator/ Teacher koconnell@workereducationprogram.org
Betsy Lowry WEP Teacher blowry@workereducationprogram.org
Anne Erde WEP Teacher aerde@workereducationprogram.org
Amy Grabel WEP Teacher agrabel@workereducationprogram.org
E. Terri Coyle WEP Teacher tcoyle@workereducationprogram.org
Nancy Falk WEP Teacher nfalk@workereducationprogram.org
Kirsten Konefal WEP Teacher kkonefal@workereducationprogram.org
Pat O'Brien WEP Teacher obrien@workereducationprogram.org
Ellen Patrolia WEP Teacher patrolia7@yahoo.com
Sabiha Imran WEP Teacher simran@workereducationprogram.org

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